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Office for Conservation Writing

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David R. Brower Office for Conservation Writing

• No cost to use the Brower Office
• Available to ILCW members and other writers
• Near wilderness areas, national forests, hiking trails
• Near research collections

Work at Dave Brower’s Desk

Be inspired while working at the desk Dave used at Friends of the Earth (San Francisco), and Earth Island Institute (Berkeley). David Brower was the Executive Director of the Sierra Club and Founder of both Friends of the Earth and Earth Island Institute. He fought unbridled development and was the leading publisher of influential environmental books including photo series by Eliot Porter, Ansel Adams, Philip Hyde and François Leydet.

Located Near Research Collections

The Brower Office is located in Golden, Colorado (just west of Denver) at the Fulcrum Publishing headquarters. A fifteen minute drive will bring you to the Denver Public Library which has the papers of many leading conservationists including Arthur Carhart, Gordon Chappell, Dave Foreman, Edward Hilliard, Enos Mills, Olaus Murie, Sigurd Olson, Mo Udall, and Howard Zahniser and records on the Alaskan Wilderness Act, the American Rivers Conference, National Forum on Biodiversity, Nature Conservancy, North American Wildlife Foundation, the Wild Foundation’s Congresses in Alaska and Mexico, Western Resource Conference, and the Wilderness Society.



are many resources including the American Alpine Club, the Land Library, Colorado State University, the University of Colorado, and the regional office of many conservation and government organizations including the Wilderness Society, the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation, the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and The National Park Service. The Brower Office has its own conservation library, phone, and computer.

Located Near Wilderness and other Open Areas

Get out and take a break in the areas like those you are working to protect. The office is an hour or less drive from Wilderness Areas, National Forests and hiking trails.

Use the Office at No Cost

The David R. Brower Office of Conservation Writing is available to members of the International League of Conservation Writers and other authors who want to spend time in Colorado, researching and writing. Go to the Apply page and tell us when you would like to use the office, for how long, and a little about your project.


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